Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.september 28.

Three years ago today I accepted the best offer I've ever been presented with: i said yes! On September 28th, 2007 Casper asked me to marry him, and through tears and laughter I gladly replied with an "of course, yes!" and I've never looked back.
On the morning of that September day, I woke up and got ready for class like any other Friday. Casper was coming to visit so I got a little more ready than normal since I was going to see my love. I went about my morning, and went to class counting down the minutes till he would be there. We had a quiz in my Local Church Education class, and when I finished mine I got up to get a kleenex due to my friendly fall allergies that always come without fail. Before I could get my hands on a tissue, I looked at the door of the classroom and two of Casper's sister were standing at the door of my classroom with roses in hand. My professor, who we affectionately call "Coach," said I was dismissed for the day and gave me a little wink! This was odd because although Coach is a loving and gracious man, he takes the classroom seriously, and isn't one to let you skip out for just anything.

I was then presented with roses and a note from Casper (see below)

I had about 10 minutes to pack and change my clothes as I was then swept into a car and taken to a place that I soon identified as the Marion Airport. Within moments I was boarding a VERY small airplane and on my way to an undisclosed location.

On the plane Casper had put together a gift bag for me to entertain myself while we were flying. I had an etch-a-sketch, magazines and a coloring book. Meaghan and Piper (my lovely sister-in-laws) were taking pictures and giggling in the back of the plane, as if they knew something that I didn't.

About an hour later, we landed in Northern Michigan (where Casper is from), the middle of a field basically, and I was greeted by Casper's dad as I got off the plane, and he too hand roses in hand. (I'm up to 3 dozen roses at this point).

I was then swept away into another car, but this time I was blind folded.

After about 10 minutes, and the last 30 seconds felt like we were off-roading... we arrived to our destination and I was let out of the car by my brother-in-law (Piper's husband, Doug), and led down a trail, blind fold still intact.

At the end of the trail I was told to slip my shoes off, and then Doug took the blind fold off and disappeared. When my eyes came into focus, I saw the most beautiful scene, on a private/hidden beach, and the love of my life standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me.

I walked down the aisle, and was met with a hug from the man that still gives me butterflies, and a kiss of course. He was dressed in a khaki suit that made him look even more handsome than he already is, and he seemed a little nervous but even more excited!

He proceeded to tell me how much he loves me, all the reasons he can't live without me, and then with a frog in his throat, he prepared to get down on one knee when I blurted out..."can you just give me a minute, I'm not ready." So he stood up and laughed as he held me for a few quiet moments until I exhaled and relaxed in his arms. At that moment, he knelt down and pulled out my beautiful ring and asked me to be his wife.

After saying yes, I proceeded to tell him that I felt like I was on the Bachelor because it was so beautiful and surprising, and overwhelming. I had never been more caught off guard, or felt more loved than I did in this moment. And, as I may be biased, I do think this is the best proposal story I've ever heard, so props to Casper for being the romantic that he is.

Now three years later, I reflect and remember that day and how I felt. I had no idea what the next 3 years would bring, but I knew who they would be with. Everything we've experienced together, even the hardships, have been more real and rewarding than I ever imagined life could be. We have been committed to pursuing God's best for us, and staying in His current and because of that our lives have been so rich and full. The Lord has blessed us beyond belief and I am so excited for what could be next. Saying YES that day was the beginning of the most beautiful journey I'll ever go on, and Casper is the perfect travel companion.

I love you Casper. Thank you for making that day so special, and for making everyday special. You are the most amazing person I know.


  1. You guys are seriously Awesome. It wasn't sappy at all. Ok, maybe a little, but it was so beautiful. Congrats on three great years. May God continue to bless the both of you as you grow even closer to one another, and as you love deepens daily. Love you guys

  2. Still the best engagement story ever- that was like a wedding in itself- just look at those pictures! I'm so glad you and Casper found one another! And glad we could be there along for the ride. Miss you!