Wednesday, December 8, 2010

.playing catch up.

WOW O WOW!  where has the time gone?

I am so far behind on my bloggy blog!  My lifestyle lately has not been conducive to maintaining a consistent blogging schedule... but that does not mean there has been a lack of material and experiences to share... I've just been a bit overwhelmed!
SO, I have committed to catching up TODAY!  there are so many blogs from the fall that I intended to post that just felll to the wayside... so today is the day that I recap what has been going on in the Hamlet house over the last couple months!  I have weddings, halloween, and thanksgiving to catch you up on... then once we cover fall, I am beyond excited to share my Christmas decor and festivities with you!  so get excited!

I will most likely look like this the rest of the day as I am staring at my computer...

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