Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.chicago: my favorite city.

Oh bloggy blog... how I've missed you.  But sometimes real life must take precedence over my little blog world I've created.

Speaking of real life, I was super busy last week as I took an unexpected and spontaneous trip to Chicago to visit my dear Rachy.  I jump at any opportunity to travel to the city... as it is my very favorite one (of any I've visited thus far!).

Even in the middle of a blizzard, there is something dreamy about downtown Chicago... I just love how it makes me feel like a different person... like a more independent and liberated version of myself.

If I have time while I'm in the city, I always make a point of visiting one of my favorite places.  No, not Michigan Ave (I do love shopping.. and FYI, state street is way more accessible and has an anthropologie)... my fav place is the Art Institute on Michigan Ave, down by Millennium Park.

Last time I was in the city, I went on a 3 hour trip of the Art Institute, including a full tour of the new modern wing since I hadn't been in awhile.  BUT, there was a very special piece of art missing from the institute on my last visit.
When I was in 5th or 6th grade, one of my friends invited me on a trip to Chicago with her family.  On that trip, I went to the art institute for the very first time.  I remember wandering through the halls, looking at the art... but I was so young, I didn't quite understand the power of art, and it's ability to move you.  Until I saw the most beautiful stain glass windows: Mark Chagall's American Windows.  This piece is the first work of art that truly caught me, and took me to a different place.  I am still not sure why, but it changed the way I looked at art from that moment on, and I attribute it to helping develop a deep love and respect for art that has grown as I've gotten older.  (p.s. if you're reading this Abby Powers, thank you to you and your wonderful parents for my first trip to Chicago... I love the respect of culture your family helped instill in me at a young age).

So, this trip, I heard that Chagall's windows were RE-INSTALLED in the institue, and I just had to go!

Don't they just take your breath away... the bright blue, and the little hidden stories throughout the piece... I just love it.  It was nice to re-connect with myself and a moment that helped shape and influence who I am today.

What art pieces first spoke to you?

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  1. one that comes to memory is The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt, when i saw it in Austria.