Monday, February 14, 2011

.happy valentines day.

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I'm not one for forced celebration of love... I'd rather be celebrating every day of the week, since my sweets is the sweetest of sweets! :)  with that said... Valentines day or not, I'll take this opportunity to bask in the joy of being in love.

Last night, Casper and I participated with our fellow pastors in a group pre-marital counseling session for some of the engaged couples in our church.  We shared stories, talked about practical aspects of marriage, and what it means to create a "new normal" as a newlywed forging your way into oneness.

this is hanging above our bed.  casper made it for me on our 2nd anniversary!
As we went around the room telling our personal stories of how we met, fell in love, and got engaged... I couldn't help but notice a common theme: the grace of God.  My boss (and pastor, and friend) made the observation by saying, "I believe in fairy tales..."  meaning, after hearing the love stories of others, and experiencing our own it is hard to think that we could have married 'just anyone.'  Instead it is amazing to see God's grace as He has been working and planning on our behalf to bring us to the one; our life partner.  Our stories started long before we even knew it... God had a plan, and we are blessed to receive this gift of marriage.

So, if you haven't already... take a cue from me and get really gushy mushy over the one you love today.  Remember and relive your story, and how you two have chosen to join your lives, your stories, your forever.

(oh and here are a couple pictures of how the most romantic man I know has already spoiled me today.)

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