Friday, March 11, 2011

.across the world and back.

As most of you know, Casper and I are just returning from a two and a half week trip that took us all over the country of Mali in Western Africa, and then a 4 day stint in Paris on our way back to the states.  The entire time we were gone, I was itching to blog.  So many things were happening, and my eyes were being opened to a new world of people, places, culture, customs, fashion and so much more... I couldn't contain myself in the midst of all the new inspiration... the blog ideas started to pile up in my head!

Now, I'm home.  and although there is so much I want to share, I'm having hard time figuring out how I want to share it.  I feel changed; different in so many ways.  I've seen, heard, tasted, and touched things I didn't even know existed prior to the last 3 weeks of my life.  So how do I begin to process and unpack all of this? I'm not quite sure.  I'm such an external processor, yet I want so badly to communicate in the best way possible so I can utilize my blog as a way to give all of you a window into what Casper and I were privileged to experience. 

I ask that you please be patient with me as I discern how to share all that the Lord allowed me to see!  But get excited for beautiful stories, people, and of course culture and fashion! More to come soon, but here are a few pictures to highlight our trip! :) (photos courtesy of my oh so talented husband!)

and Paris photos coming soon... :)

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