Friday, August 26, 2011

.from the garden: tomato season.

although I haven't posted as much as I'd hope to... we have had an amazing summer of fresh veggies from the garden... and the recipes we've tried have all been a successful adventure.  I promise to post recipes soon.

Yesterday, I made this little yummy lunch with a tomato that a friend of mine gave me from his garden.  I only have cherry and heirloom tomatoes... so Tyler was nice enough to share a bright red, and amazingly tasty tomato.

Sorry this picture isn't that great... I was too hungry to get the camera out, so I took this with photo booth on my computer.
But here is the breakdown... simple and delicious.

1 whole wheat english muffin toasted
1 egg over easy
two slices of tomato (one on each half of the english muffin)
fresh basil torn into small pieces
feta cheese
cracked pepper

SOO easy and quick.  Perfect lunch!

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