Wednesday, September 1, 2010

.inaugural post.

I feel like trumpets should sound and the red carpet should roll out because this post is actually happening! Now, I’m not ignorantly confident enough to think the world has been waiting for this moment… but I am honest enough to say that I have been waiting for this moment.
I am starting my blog. (applause, cheers, fist pumping, etc.).

I love to write. I actually cannot remember a time that I didn’t find joy in communicating through the written word. As a young girl I had a love for writing short stories and poems, as a teen I found my most sincere outlet was through the pages of my journal, and as a college student I fell in love with writing for my academic objectives while still putting my heart and personality into it. Writing is a part of me.

I love words. I love the world they can create, the emotion they can cause, and the catalyst they can be for people or ideas. I love the art and craft of putting words together in a way that best communicates the thought at hand. I don’t pretend to be a literary genius. There are classical writers like there are classical musicians; they perfect the art of words structures and grammatical charm just as a classic pianist masters the notes and melody of his sonata. I revere these writers. I admire their intellect and their beautiful ability to tell an epic story, while honoring the integrity of grammatical rules. I love these writers, but I must admit, I am not one of them. If we’re comparing writers and musicians, then I am the schmuck that for some reason has a natural passion and ability to communicate through the written word. I figuratively just pick up the guitar and play a messy song that isn’t perfect but may just catch your attention anyways. I strive to maintain an intellectual approach to my writing, but it is far more important to me that my voice comes through what is being written, and sometimes it’s a little messy.

I love blogs. When the hype about blogs first started a hand full of years back, I was a bit skeptical. I saw bloggers as people who wanted a public outlet to share their private thoughts. Most blogs I came across were narcissistic in nature and seemed like an online journal where people trying to sound hip, intelligent, and witty via an online forum, could feed egocentrism. Some blogs still exist for people to flex and compete for blogger recognition, but I don’t support those blogs.
I love blogs for the window’s they are into people’s lives. Blogs have opened us up to relationships that we would not have engaged in before. Even though we may not meet each other face-to-face we can get to know one another and learn from each other; inspire and be inspired. Blogs are a part of my everyday life. My morning routine always includes a stopover to my google reader to visit all of the bloggers I have come to love and admire. Blogs are birthing creativity, giving people a voice, and providing a public place to share your little perspective with the world; a place to leave your mark. And finally, I am jumping on the bandwagon!

Why “Lovely Clutter”? I have spent months, maybe even years stressing myself out over what my blog would/could be. I’ve wondered what niche I should lean into, and which themes I should narrow myself to… it was a bit overwhelming. I am a person of passion, and interest in a lot of things. Art, culture, fashion, creativity, food, religion, theology, current events, photography, decorating, weddings, etc… Also, if you know me well, you are aware that I am kind of all over the place, a bit extreme, and a little messy. So I wondered, how can I put all this clutter aside and come up with a cohesive premise for this blog. Then I realized, maybe the fact that I am a cluttered mess is the perfect niche for my blog. And that’s how we got here: Lovely Clutter! This is a collection of things that permeate my pleasantly messy life. I feel that this will be an outlet that truly represents who I am and what I love. I am excited for the opportunity to share…even if my husband and my mom are the only ones who read this!

So, without further ado… Welcome to Lovely Clutter! Thanks for stopping by.

(a picture of the white house only seemed appropriate for my inaugural post.)


  1. Are they all going to be that long? just kiddin. Glad you are writing, you def. have a gift for it. Looking forward to keeping up with your life, as long as the entries are shortened up a bit.

  2. next post will be significantly shorter. just for you trav! :)

  3. I'll read it too... so add me to your list. Well done Jess, well done for your first blog entry! I'm cheering you on.. clapping & giving you a BIG HIGH 5!!!
    can't wait for more to come!

    love you bunches.... your mother-in-law :)

  4. I love reading blogs! I'm so glad you started one!

  5. I am so proud of you, sweet beauty! My heart is overflowing with tears of joy for you right now. I love you always! Therese