Thursday, September 2, 2010

.the love of my life.

I can confidently and unashamedly say that I married the most amazing man on the planet! Not sure how I landed him, but I'll take him and hold on tight because he is the catch of all catches. Some women may argue with me on this... and you should, because I hope all of you feel the way about your husbands that I feel about Casper because I don't think it gets any better that him! :)
Casper and I have known each other for over 6 years and celebrated our two year wedding anniversary this past June. Caspy (as I so affectionately call him) spends his days as a photographer at a nearby university while also doing anything he can to support me at my job of being the associate Pastor at our local church. Together we do wedding photography on the side, and it has proved to be an outlet for creativity as well as an avenue for us to work together (which we love)! Although we are very different, God has continued to teach us how to celebrate each others uniqueness and learn from them daily.
You'll get to know Casper a lot through this blog... basically because I love to brag about him. So, I'll spare you the lengthy speech I could give for hours and hours about how wonderful my husband is and instead I'll sum it up by saying: I am more in love with him everyday and God knew what I needed and gave me someone beyond what I could have dreamed!

I love you Casper Michael Patrick Hamlet! (yep, he's irish!)

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