Monday, September 6, 2010

.meet miss charlotte rose hamlet.

Yep... my dog has a middle name. a little crazy? Definitely. I thought I should be blatantly honest about the fact that I am absolutely, head over heels for my sweet little (60 pounds is little, right) doggy: Charlotte. Our family and friends think we are nutso, but Casper and I are obsessed with our dog. I will give you permission up front to avoid and disregard any posts about Charlotte if you are not a dog person (although, I think this little bundle of joy could convert any haters out there). But if you are a self proclaimed dog lover like myself, then I suggest you get to know Charlotte because when it comes to dogs, she takes the cake!
She is 2 years old and full of joy. Casper and I feel like our lives are so full because of the constant love and entertainment Charlotte provides! We are looking forward to starting a family someday (as in someday far FAR down the road, sorry to our moms), but for now, our little Buggy (her nickname) is more than enough for us!
Here is a little photo montage to help you get to know her... a picture is certainly worth a thousand words... and since Charlotte can't talk, it's a good thing we have a million photos of her! :) ENJOY!!

She literally was the cutest puppy ever! and she makes the same expressions now as she did when we first got her.

Charlotte loves the water! she would never stop swimming if we didn't make her. Lake Michigan is her favorite destination!

this dog loves to snuggle and be close to Casper and I!

We dress her up often... and she's a trooper!

this was summer 2009 on her 1st birthday!

my little pumpkin for Halloween!

Christmas festivities with family!

Charlotte and I get to pose for Casper all the time when he's testing new camera stuff!

WE love this dog so much!

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