Tuesday, September 14, 2010

.lovin' the world wide web.

(Disclaimer: tons of generalizations in this blog. since it is my blog and I am not currently representing a professional or public forum, i feel that this is an appropriate avenue for my unwarranted and sometimes uneducated opinions.)

I feel that my generation, more than any maybe, has a deep love and appreciation for the wonderful phenomenon of the internet. I say this because our age group happened to be struck with the internet at just the right time in my opinion. Generations before us were just a bit too old to jump on the internet band wagon and make it a daily part of their lives. Although they may be on the web for work and such, the mass majority still have a hard time seeing the convenience of the web. Generations after us have only known a life with the internet and therefor do not have the appreciation for something that has always been readily available. It is the norm to them, just as TV has been the norm to us that it was not to previous age groups. Our generation remembers life before the web, yet was young enough to adapt the internet into our daily lives and make it the number one tool for finding and sharing information. Remembering when the internet became a household tool has helped me to appreciate the usability and accessibility it brings to my life.

With that said, I thought I would take a little stroll with you to the websites that are a part of my everyday life. These pages inspire me, entertain me, distract me... or all of the above. They are in no particular order, and not every favorite is in this blog... but it gives you an idea of how I am lovin' the world wide web.

The first three are kind of obvious, but none the less very important...

-Obviously my first stop of the day, as well as my last stop of the day... and about a million times in between! I think gmail is the creme of the crop when it comes to accessible, user friendly email!

-this would fall into the category of HUGE distraction, yet entertaining and essential for keeping up with long distance relationships. I especially love facebook for the purpose of feeling like I know what is going on in my best friends lives day to day. Almost all of my favorite people live in different states, so I love knowing what they're up to through the week even if I can't see them face to face.

-I haven't gotten into following a million people, but of the 13 people I do follow, only two are not personal friends of mine... and those two are Oswald Chambers (for my morning devotional), and Kim Kardashian (laugh if you will, but I love her gorgeous hair, vivacious curves, and somewhat ditzy sense of humor).

google reader
-if you do not have one... GET ONE! I actually have a whole post just dedicated to my google reader coming soon... so get excited!

e online
-I love celebrity news! (some may say gossip). I would kill it in a celebrity trivia competition! and I am not sure I should be proud of this.

-I could spend hours (and thousands of dollars) on this website. It's a fashion dream land for me. It satisfies my more vintage side, while maintaining my love for class and timeless pieces. I am inspired by the fashion, but it also inspires me for decor, creating, design... UGH, i just love it!

-this is my one stop shop if I had to pick one. I always love jcrew... ALWAYS. It's innovative and completely classic at the same time. I love everything from shoes, to bags, to casual wear, to suiting, to dresses, and swimwear, and finally even though I'm married I always look at the bridal collection! I could dress for ever season and occasion off of this site. (oh, and of course the mens wear... for my handsome hubby!)

-Obviously I love shoes, so this is a great site. BUT, I love it less for the shoes and more for the user friendly set up of the site. It makes finding the exact shoe that I am looking for so easy, and I can find anything in any price range. LOVE it! Plus, I always check out Rachel Zoe's picks!

-if you are not familiar with esty... then get familiar with it! this site is so inspiring! vintage, handmades, craft supplies... you name it, they've got it. It's an amazing avenue for artists and creators to sell their work... as well as a place to get ideas and learn from the craftiness and style of others!

-Casper has turned me into a compulsive weather checker. I am on this site on and off all day long! With wedding photography, our success depends heavily on the weather conditions, so we are always checking the 10 day hoping for the best. Also, since I prefer to run outside, I am a nut about checking what the temperature will be at certain times of the day.

real simple
-this is my hub of domesticity. I love getting household tips, skin care suggestions and most importantly recipes off this site. And just like the magazine, it is clean, crisp and simple. :)

-I spend a lot of time on here in the winter. Casper and I are gone on weekends and in the evenings a lot, so hulu is my means of keeping up with all my shows. Although with 24 and Lost being over, I wonder what my shows will be this fall. Well, who am I kidding... Grey's, Parenthood, Biggest Loser... i could go on!

exercise tv
-For my fellow workout fanatics... this site is AWESOME! I found it thanks to the lovely Rachel Warners (my bf), and it has changed my workout regiment. This site has free videos of all types for all levels of fitness. I love their quick workouts when I'm in a rush or it's too hot to run outside, or when we're traveling. I do at least 1 workout a day from this site! (Stephanie Vitorino is my favorite trainer. I kind of hate her, which makes me work harder because I'm pissed)

ALRIGHT, now that I see how long this list is... I realize that I a) spend way too much time on the internet, and b) I may need to make a second post later down the road, because this one is already too long!

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  1. You're right these are all essential websites! I can't wait to see the next bundle :)