Thursday, September 30, 2010

.night three.

Turkey Burgers with Creamy Romaine Slaw

Calorie Count per Serving: 376 Calories
Taste: GREAT!
Ease: Very
Uniqueness: Moderate
Presentation: Colorful
My Vote: AAAAMAZING! I could have ate another even though I was full.
Casper's Vote: Surprisingly, really good! Redeemed Turkey Burgers

So there is a bit of a back story when it comes to turkey burgers... without giving TMI (too much info for those of you who are bad with acronyms), the last time Casper and I had turkey burgers was when we were engaged,so about 3 years ago. We, okay I, was on a super health kick (which has lasted and gotten more extreme), because I was working hard to get in "wedding day shape" so I wanted to try turkey burgers in substitution of ground beef. Well, it was winter and there was a horrendous flu going around my school and we both found out later that night that we were not exempt from getting "THE WORST FLU EVER TO EXIST!" You can figure out that turkey burgers were our last meal... and therefor we've never wanted to have them again.
So fast forward 3 years and here we are facing this recipe as part of the plan that I am committed to seeing through. So I told Casper that this would redeem our turkey burger fears... and IT DID! WOO HOO!
This recipe is easy, quick, and oh so tasty. Casper NEVER has a burger or any sort of sandwich for that matter without cheese so he was shocked that this burger was cheeseless... and I was even more shocked that he loved it so much. The romaine slaw on top is so refreshing and tasty... and the scallions mixed into the turkey add amazing flavor. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this as a healthy alternative to typical burgers. The only thing I did different from the recipe was grilling the burgers on our cast iron pan instead of in the oil in a frying pan. We love to use our cast iron as often as possible!


  1. Oh my gosh, was this when we got you sick!!!???

  2. that was the time that little Halle got us sick! ha! what a horrible flu!