Wednesday, October 13, 2010


nope, not pregnant. take a break! (sorry mom and Kelley) :)

but, I am announcing that I am done with the Real Simple 4 week meal plan!  I know what you're thinking... I just couldn't handle following a routine for this long... and to be honest I would have assumed that as well... but I am quitting for an entirely different reason: I don't like the food!  Don't get me wrong the first couple recipes were amazing, but it started to really go down hill from there, and I'm over eating bad food just because I'm following some sort of a plan.  This is the freedom of being a free spirit... we're okay with changing plans if they're not working... so I'm done.
Here's the thing... time and money are very precious right now. I mean, I think they always are.  But especially in this newlywed season of life where we both have two jobs, work most weekends, and are trying to pay off my student loans... time and money are not resources Casper and I are willing to waste, and this Real Simple thing was wasting a lot of both.  The recipes are expensive, and we're normally left with wasted food... which I HATE!  Also, we (well, mostly me) are spending so much time at night preparing these meals, and if I'm going to commit that time every night to making something new, well I better like it and feel good about eating it.
Which leads into another reason I am done with this... I am very health conscious about what I eat.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy my indulgences every now and again (like the amazing frites I had at the Brugge this past weekend), but for the most part I really try to be balanced in what I eat.  I like consuming food that tastes good, but also are good for me. I work out almost every day and I need good food, so I can have good energy, which leads to a good workout, which ultimately leads to a happy Jessica.  Also, I don't really like meat.  As I said before, I would be a vegetarian if it weren't for Hebrew National All Beef Hotdogs (I love those stupid hotdogs)... so eating meat at almost every meal was too much for me... and I am pretty sure I've been getting more migraines because of it. Which is NOT fun.
So, sorry to be a disappointment... but I'm pretty happy about my decision. I will however continue to try new recipes at least 3 nights a week... they will just be recipes of MY choice that are healthier and more balanced... I'll keep you posted on how those come along!

(for the record, I still LOVE Real Simple. Just not this specific series.)

Notice Charlotte chilling out in the background. so stinkin' cute!

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