Wednesday, October 13, 2010

.night six.

I started eating and then realized i never took a picture... so this is not so cute.

Calorie Count per Serving: 689 Calories
Taste: ok
Ease: very
Uniqueness: moderate
Presentation: moderate
My Vote: not great, but descent
Casper's Vote: it was okay

This recipe was just okay. It wasn't horrible and inedible, but it also wasn't one that I'll make again.  Our friend Chris was with us as well for this one, and he agreed that some of the flavors were interesting, but not necessarily something he'd ask for again. First of all, I did not use lamb, but instead I used ground beef because there is no where to buy ground lamb in Marion... so maybe our experience would have been different with the lamb, but I still probably wouldn't have loved it. If you do for some reason want to try this one because you love meatballs, then please note that the sliced cucumbers and tomatoes are essential.  They are a perfect compliment with the meatballs, you need to take a bite that includes the meat and the vegetables... I loved the vegetables, as always.

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