Wednesday, October 13, 2010

.night five.

a little late posting this since I made it last week Thursday, but better late than never...

Calorie Count per Serving: 621 Calories
Taste: bleh, not good.
Ease: very
Uniqueness: very 
Presentation: looked better than it tasted
My Vote: gross
Casper's Vote: likes shrimp normally, but not like this.

The fact that neither Casper or myself finished this dish is pretty indicative of how it tasted.  Casper really likes shrimp, where as I'm easing into liking it, but both of us agreed that we would never want to eat this again. The curry flavor was not good... even if I liked curry, it just didn't seem right.  I followed the recipe to a 'T' so I think it was just a really bad meal. The only redeeming part was the snow peas. I love snow peas. 
All in all, don't make this. it's not good.

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