Wednesday, October 6, 2010

.night four.

I should have known it was a bit ambitious for me to think I would be able to be home every night cooking a new recipe.  Between photo shoots, and church commitments there are several nights that we are not at home and therefor unable to follow my recipe plan to a "T".  WITH THAT SAID, I am committed to working my way through these recipes, and even if I miss a couple days and have to pick up where I left off, I'm gonna make it happen! Here is last nights ...

Steak with Roasted Carrots and Onions

Calorie Count per Serving: 392 Calories
Taste: Really Good
Ease: Very
Uniqueness: Not very
Presentation: Simple
My Vote: good
Casper's Vote: great sauce, amazing texture on the carrots!

Admittedly, I'm not a huge meat eater!  I probably could survive just eating vegetables and fish for dinner every night and be completely happy... with the exception of Hebrew National All Beef Hotdogs, I can't live without them!  So, I wasn't super excited about the steaks last night. I can't remember the last time I had a steak, and when Casper has it I normally just eat vegetables and maybe some couscous on the side. So this recipe was more for him than me, but I did enjoy it more than I expected.  Casper's main suggestion is that you do not "skimp on the meat," so we got grass fed organic sirloins and they were really nice.  The recipe is easy to follow and the sauce is light but super packed with flavor.  We deter from the recipe in a couple ways: first we cooked the steak on our cast iron instead of in a pan of oil, and secondly I added a half cup of water to the pan of veggies and roasted them 10 minutes longer so they would get softer (just our preference).  I'd say if your looking for a new flavor to try on steak, make this recipe because all the ingredients are simple to find but they compliment each other really well!

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