Monday, November 15, 2010

.celebrating my emily: part one.

one week from today, we will be landing in MEXICO to begin the wedding festivities of Emily and Scott. Emily (Meme, or Emmy as we call her), is one of the most important people in my life.  She is not my friend, she is my family and I can't imagine who I would be without the impact she has made on my heart and the way I view the world.  I am beyond thrilled to be officiating their wedding in a week and half, but I am even more elated that these two amazing people have found each other.  Their love is genuine, sustainable, and inspiring.
So, this week I thought I'd dedicate a series on my bloggy blog to my beloved Emaline!  Today, I am celebrating that she happens to be the most beautiful person I know... inside and out!  She has a zest for life and for people.  She has an amazing ability to express her opinions without isolating or discriminating anyone.  She is an inclusive person, that always has time and energy for relationships.  Emily is a gorgeous, and yet the most humble disarming person you'll ever meet. She is driven and determined to leave her mark on the world and to do things that bring her and those around her joy.  She is the most loyal friend, and I personally have experienced her amazing ability to forgive and extend grace... which I am eternally grateful for. She is honest, forth right, yet gentle and loving.  She makes life more beautiful with her vivacious personality.  Emily never settles, and her zeal is contagious... you cannot be complacent around her.  She is a force to be reckoned with, and has more strength and courage than 10 men.  She is a survivor, not only of cancer but of some of them most challenging storms that life can present... Emily most of all is an extension of love to everyone around her.  You FEEL better just being in her presence.  She loves the people that no one sees and she gives them a chance. She loves her friends with an unwavering loyalty.  She loves her family unconditionally. and most of all, she loves Scott with all her heart.

So, I hope you enjoy celebrating my dear best friend. She is more than worthy of all the blessings in the world. I love you Meme!

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  1. you have left me speechless jessica. i am equally grateful to have you in my life. i love you.