Friday, December 10, 2010

.date night.

Although Casper and I are busy bee's and always up to something... it's very rare that we spend a Friday evening together going on a date.  I actually cannot remember the last time we went on a date just for us rather than with a group, or because we're out of town shooting a wedding... we rarely go out just to celebrate the fact that we love each other (insert gagging right now for those of you that think I'm obnoxious)!!

So tonight is the night!  Casper and I are going to Indy for not only a wonderful dinner, but an overnight date ! Woo Hoo!  There is just something about staying in a hotel... I love that I don't have to make the bed in the morning (not that I make my own bed as often as I'd like).

Tonight we have reservations at a little place called R Bistro.  I used to think that Indy lacked in culture and  "foody" places to go, but after some recent research, we've found there are several little treasures all over Indy for us to discover. R Bistro is a small restaurant that only seats 56 people.  The menu changes every week based upon the seasonal and local ingredients that are available.  The Chef, Regina Mehallic, was a James Beard Best Chef Award semi-finalist... so she's pretty legit! I will be posting next week about our experience at R Bistro.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to sleep in and then head out (Starbucks in hand) to do the rest of our Christmas shopping!  Any day that includes shopping is a good day in my book.  For lunch we will be checking out another award winning restaurant... but this one is a humble market that apparently makes the best sandwiches in the city.  Goose the Market  is a tiny market/sandwich shop that has fresh and local ingredients as well as a wide variety of wines for sale.  I will also blog next week about their food and if it lives up to the hype!
The date will conclude tomorrow afternoon with a trip to Whole Foods on our way home from Indy. We are having a Christmas Party at our house next week, so I am pumped to get all fresh and unique ingredients from Whole Foods for the party (considering Meijer's lacking in the variety department... no offense to Meijer, I love them but Whole Foods has at least 15 different kinds of Brie)!

I am on cloud nine about tonight... I have a wonderful husband and an amazing marriage so it feels good to be doing something just for us tonight!  All relationships deserve quality time, care, and effort so this date is MUCH overdue!  Now, I just need to pick out my outfit....

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