Monday, December 13, 2010

.r bistro.

we did a mini photo shoot at our hotel!
As I mentioned in my previous post, Casper and I spent the weekend exploring some of Indianapolis' hidden treasures. Well, treasures they ARE!  We had a wonderful weekend of great good and better memories... much needed after a busy summer and fall.

we did a mini photoshoot at our hotel :)
On Friday evening, we went to R Bistro, a humble yet classy little restaurant that brings big flavor.

 If you were walking down the block that R Bistro is on, you may miss it at first glance... and man oh man would you be missing out.

The interior is modern and understated considering how impressive the service and food are. The atmosphere was relaxing, and intimate with low lighting and soft music. even though the tables were close together and it only seats 50 people... conversation between Casper and I still seemed private and personal. It was the perfect setting for a romantic date.

The menu at R Bistro changes every week based upon the ingredients that are available to Chef Regina.  She is committed to using local and seasonal ingredients, therefor she has to adapt the menu to maintain her high standard for fresh, locally sourced foods. Here is the menu we got to choose from:

Prior to going to R Bistro, Casper and I had already peeked at the menu... so we knew exactly what we were going to order! We planned to go all out since it's not every Friday that we go out on the town like this (let's be honest, Fridays normally consist of us going to the gym after work, and then having cereal for dinner).  We each order a started, a main dish, AND dessert (which is a big deal for me).  Here are our choices:

Jess: Local Leaves tossed with Pears, Pomegranates, and Caveman Blue Cheese
Casper: Swedish Potato and Beef Sausage with Roasted Beets and Creme Fraiche

Jess: Atlantic Fluke with Risotto Cake, Broccolini, and Vanillabutter Vinaigrette
Casper: Pan-seared Duck Breast with Spinach, Potato Rosti and Cherry Sauce

Jess: Apple and Walnut Cake
Casper: Chocolate Truffles

Both of us were OVER THE MOON with excitement!  The food was AMAZING!  All the distinct ingredients work so well together to make each bite tasty and harmonious.  We barely talked to each other when there was food in front of us because we were too busy eating.  While Casper was enjoying his main course (and I don't want to talk about my feelings concerning him eating duck... I'm trying to pretend it didn't happen because I love duckies), all I heard were "yums" and "mmmm's" ... the food was so good he lost his ability to speak whole words and all he could muster was onomatopoeia as a means of communication.
I literally could have eaten 20 of those little risotto cakes that came with my fish... and I mean it!  I want to go there and just order risotto cakes, but I think that may be somewhat offensive considering how wonderful all the food was.
Each course was the perfect portion... never leaving us feeling heavy or full, but instead satisfied.  The wine and beer list are not large, yet are still very extensive in what they offer.  Also, we got coffee with dessert, and they brought a french press to the table for us to enjoy... and it was surprisingly amazing coffee (considering my coffee expectations are pretty high since one of our best friends happens to be one of the top baristas in the nation).

At the end of the meal, we sipped our coffee and debriefed the wonderfulness that we just experienced... we also had a chance to talk to different servers and here how passionate the entire staff is about what R Bistro is doing for downtown Indy.  Then, as we were getting ready to leave, Casper gets the brilliant idea to see if the chef would come and take a picture with us.  We had our small point and shoot camera, as I was trying to discretely capture the meal so I could post about it... but I never intended to meet the Chef.  Well, Casper asked (he's so confident and unintimidated ... and it's sexy), and the server said she'd be more than happy to come out!  OH MY GOODNESS!  I was immediately sweating because I get worked up about meeting people that are a pretty big deal... while Casper just sat and smiled calmly at me.  When Chef Regina came out, she did not have the attitude of 'let's get this over with,' but instead she pulled up a chair and sat down next to us.  We talked about the food, and her ambitious commitment to fresh ingredients.  She also asked about my blog, and how we had heard about R Bistro.  Then we leaned in together like old friends and took a photo with one another!

She was so humble, and genuine... it's really something when a restaurant is Chef owned and Chef run... I think it makes all the difference in the quality of food and service that you receive!

All in all, Casper and I had an incredible time and would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone.  If you're in the Indy area... go check it out... you won't be let down!

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