Tuesday, December 14, 2010

.dressing for the holidays part one: casual house party.

I'm introducing a new mini-series today for the blog... "dressing for the holidays: a guide of what to wear this holiday season based upon where you're going and what you're doing."  This time of year is full of parties, family occasions, and corporate functions, and it seems at all of these events people are more prone to have their cameras out to capture every moment of the Christmas hububaloo to add to the photo album. Therefor, you need to be dressed to impress so you feel confident and beautiful as you run around this holiday season.
Part one of the holiday dressing guide is for the 'casual house party.'  We are actually having a casual holiday party in our home this Friday, so it seems like the perfect occasion to kick off the dressing guide... since I am in the process of choosing my outfit for this event!  For a casual house party, you want to look festive but not over the top because it is a more laid back setting.  Comfort is important, but you also want to feel a little dressier than your everyday attire.

Here is what I am planning on wearing to my holiday party...

Anthropologie Flowering Pasture Blouse

J Crew Leggy Denim in Indigo wash

Although this is not the exact necklace I'll be wearing, it is a very similar example.
Seychelles True Story Boots

Again, these are not the exact boots I'll be wearing, but mine are Seychelles and similar in color. 
When putting this outfit together, I will be wearing a tan colored tank top under the blouse since it is somewhat sheer, but I don't want to wear white and take away from the top.  I will also be wearing a brown belt that matches my boots, and my top and tank will be tucked into my jeans and then bloused out a bit to give a casual feel.  I am planning to wear my hair curled, and mostly down with the front section pulled off my face.  Make up should be subtle but shimmery to give a little glamour... a deep berry lipstick would be pretty too.

So basically if you're pulling an outfit for a casual house part together here are the essentials (I figured I'd give you variations of my choices since I pulled almost all of the above looks out of my closet)...

Anthropologie Printed blouse:
find it HERE

Any Skinny Jeans

J Crew Statement Necklace

you can find this HERE
Vince Camuto Riding Boots

i WANT these!  Find them HERE

Alright... happy shopping!  hope this helps! :)  Part Two is how to dress for a Family Day Out... coming soon!

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