Friday, December 24, 2010

.dressing for the holidays part four: christmas morning.

With Christmas morning ALMOST upon us... I thought I'd share what I plan to wear in the morning...

YEP!  That is a 2 piece flannel pj set!  and it is AMAZING!
Truth be told... I got these little gems at the beginning of the month and I pretty much have been living in them since!  I did all my decorating and projects wearing these, I've gone to the grocery store in these (only a late night quick trip), and I even wore the bottoms to a friends house the other night (Casper said wearing the full set was a little too ridiculous when going out in public).
If you're interested in this pair... find them at Target! But, if not these... my fashion suggestion for Christmas morning is be fun, festive, and MOST OF ALL comfortable and cozy!  You only get 1 Christmas morning a year, make it count! (or in my case I get 2 because we have 2 amazing families to celebrate with!!)


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