Monday, January 31, 2011

.seven days of casper: day five.

the fun continues... and I'm pretty sure that Casper is beyond spoiled at this point!
On Saturday we were in Detroit visiting Casper's mom in the hospital as she had to get surgery on her jaw. (side note:  this was not a fun surgery and the recovering will be even more difficult, so please be praying for her, she's been a trooper so far but could use some prayers and encouragement)!  As I was saying we were in Detroit so we took the opportunity to do some shopping!  Unfortunately for me it wasn't the kind of shopping that I would have chose (there was an anthropologie near by and we didn't even go), but it's not my birthday... so instead Casper got to pick all of the stores we went to.  The final stop was kind of for both of us as we went to Ikea!  We are re-doing our kitchen, so we went to get some inspiration and do some pricing!

There's my sweets talking on the phone with his grandma while we're wandering through the show room. :)  We had such a great time!  I am getting really excited for all the fun DIY projects that will ensue as we upgrade our kitchen a little bit!
All in all, we had a fun day... Casper got a lot of fun birthday presents... AND he found out his wonderful parents are getting him the iphone for his birthday now that it's on verizon!  woo hoo!

Oh, and did I mention we got to see our sweet little nephew Corban... I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS KID! He was so obsessed with Casper while we were there... it's like he knew it was his birthday! and he was taking a pretty solid nap when we left! I just wanted to pick him up and squeeze him, but then I considered how annoying that would be if someone did it to me during a really good nap.  So taking pictures seemed like a better idea! :)

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