Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.spring hasn't sprung, but it started springing.

Hooray for 55 degrees!  who knew 55 could feel like 80 degrees after a long winter! (I know I just got back from 100 degrees in Africa... but it's still so good to see the sunshine in Indiana).

To celebrate this beautiful day... Charlotte and I went on our first run of the season!  She loved her life so much... but we did find that she is a bit out of shape... she couldn't keep up with her mom!

Also, she decided it was a good idea to go swimming in the pond on campus... without asking me first if she could go in!  but once I saw how happy she was swimming around in the nasty smelly water, I couldn't really be mad at her.

So if you haven't been outside yet... get out there!  Don't waste the sunshine or take it for granted... it's so nice to feel the warmth on your face, and squint your eyes from the bright glow that almost seems foreign after all these months... enjoy it and soak it up because I'm not sure that spring has officially sprung. For now though, I'll take what I can get!

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