Thursday, March 17, 2011

.kiss someone irish (i know i'm gonna).

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (how creepy is that picture?!?!)

I love today!  Green everywhere... people celebrating... an excuse to have a party! Which, we are doing just that... tonight!  Every year Casper and I have celebrated together by making a special meal and dressing Charlotte up in something absurd... so as we will continue our current traditions, we also thought it would be wonderful to have some friends over to join the festivities of Irish-ness. I am running out to the store in a just a few to get all the groceries to make Irish Stout Stew, Beet Salad, and other green/Irish treats.  A couple friends are bringing Irish fare as well so it's cooking up to be a great day ahead!  Also, I will be making decor for the house today so stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see all the green festivities that will unfold!

Oh, and before I go... make sure you kiss someone Irish today!  I kiss someone Irish everyday, but today he may just a get a few extra! :)

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