Friday, March 18, 2011

.st. patrick's day recap.

I hope everyone enjoyed St. Patrick's Day and that it was filled with good friends, good food, and good luck!  Over here at the Hamlet house, we had an absolutely wonderful day!

I spent most of the day getting ready for the party, running errands, making crafts... here's me on the way to the store in my oh so comfy Ireland sweatshirt from my wonderful in-laws!  I got this official, authentic sweatshirt in the mail a couple days ago to celebrate this glorious holiday! This is straight from Ireland, as Casper's parents went on vacation there last summer... my mother in law continues to surprise us with Ireland souvenirs and I'm loving it!  Thank you so much! :)

The day flew past as I was party prepping, and dealing with a very sick Charlotte (who is at the vet today getting all checked out)... so before I knew it, our wonderful friends were arriving and we had such a fun time celebrating old traditions and making new ones with the people we are blessed to do life with!  Enjoy the photo montage below of the our first annual St. Patrick's Day Party!

I made large clovers out of magazine cutouts and decorative paper that had a lot of green color to them. Then I scattered them all of the house as if a little Leprechaun had visited our home.

just in case someone forgot to wear green, I make clover pins for people to wear to add to the festiveness! I also have a 2nd degree burn on my thumb due to a hot glue situation as I was making these!  :( Oh, I have to give Martha credit for these pins!
notice the bells of Ireland in the vase.  Not only a very appropriate choice for St. Patty's, but also a nostalgic choice because we used them in our wedding center pieces.

This beet salad was so good! Recipes to follow soon.

YUMMY Irish Stout Stew. Very Rustic with the various sized potatoes and baby peas. This was my first time making stew, and I really enjoyed it.  Recipe for this to come soon as well! :)

Irish Soda Bread made by the best cook/baker I know and also a very Irish man, Tyler Murphy! Thank you so much for the contribution! I'm glad the left-overs are at my house, I've already had 2 slices today! Great with Jam as well! (so glad my mother in law makes the best homemade strawberry jam... it was a hit Kelley!)
I LOVE dolling up in my green attire! (I changed my clothes 4 times yesterday... I really love green.)

beautiful friends that we have! I love you Shannon.

Michael read us an Irish folk tale about St. Patrick! Thank you for sharing with us Michael! :)
This is Tyler Murphy. Very Irish. So Irish that he brought actual dirt from Ireland where his ancestors are buried. 

PATRICK! Obviously a great name for such a day! He wins for best outfit.  Full GREEN suit. and yes, on the inside of that jacket there are men playing polo! love it.

Oh Alex!  love the pose! and we discovered that Alex has many hidden talents that could be useful to put on a resume.

Al and Cherilyn. i love them. and I am sorry Cherilyn that we didn't watch the Leprechaun movie... maybe next year?!? :)

Michael and Bethany. Could they be any cuter? and i love the hat! Oh, and they win because their sister in law is from Ireland... they even went there for the wedding! :)

my love, the one and only Shannon LeMasters. (but maiden name is Millen, which could have been McMillen, which probably makes her Irish!)

there we are! the hamlets... a little classier than last year... and Char still hates getting dressed up!

HILARIOUS! her bow tie was all glitter this year... and she wanted to eat it! 

We matched! :)  and I always love an excuse to wear these ballet flats because they are the ones I wore under my wedding dress! :)

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  1. I AM READING THAT IRELAND BOOK RIGHT NOW. I love it. You should really read the whole thing, it's great.

    This looks like such a festive party! Great decorating, and your meal seems very authentic. We eat so much soda bread here.