Wednesday, July 13, 2011

.dusting off the cob webs.

man oh man.  how i've missed the little world i had created for myself by way of this blog.  i'm not sure that anyone is more disappointed than i about the fact that there has not been a single post to be had, to be read, to be shared since march.  maybe i'm the only one who is disappointed...but regardless, i am back.

the last several months have been filled with a lot of water treading. we've been busy. good busy. lot's of exciting things to share. but day to day life has been a heavier priority than taking the time to stop and recap all that is going on.  i just thought there was no time to share stories, photos and inspiration since i was too busy.  gotta set priorities in life.

then yesterday, i went on a blog binge. and when i say this, i mean i consumed hundreds of blogs, linking from page to page, just inhaling as much as possible.  i am literally filled to the brim with new inspiration and passion.  it occurred to me yesterday as i read other blogs by women who are much much busier than i, that blogging is never the most convenient thing, and it always will take time and effort, but if i am passionate about sharing with others, and keeping a record/collection of people, places, and things i love...then i need to MAKE this a priority.  i'm not going to wake up one day less busy and have all the time in the world to type my heart away on this blog.  if i did wake up one day with all that time, i bet i wouldn't have much going on in life to even share on this blog.  touche!

so, like i said: i'm back. new passion, new commitment, new ideas.

HOORAY! stay tuned.

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  1. Jessica, we've met briefly once or twice. I am friends with Kelly (McGovern) Jones. I have read your blog beginning to end and back again twice - I love your style, your home, your photography. Keep writing, you are incredibly inspiring!

    I got SO excited when I saw that you posted again!

    (I even nominated you for an award on my blog awhile back and forgot to notify you of it - you were supposed to pass the award along to three newly discovered bloggers, and you were one of my three - see it here: