Monday, December 20, 2010

.dressing for the holidays part three: family day out.

Well, the week of Christmas is upon us which means a shorter work week, traveling home, and fun family activities to celebrate the season.  This week Casper and I have some last minute shopping to do, some work to finish up, and then we will end the week by heading to Traverse City, MI to be with our wonderful families!  I know at some point over the next week, we'll be going out as a family to see a movie, get hot cocoa, or attend the Christmas Eve service, so I need to pack outfits that are not only festive but comfortable so I am prepared for all the family fun the will ensue.  (especially since I have nephews and nieces that I will be chasing around... I need to make sure my outfit doesn't stop me from keeping up with them.)

So as you pack to go visit your families, here are some casual suggestions of what to wear on a "family day out."

Of course, jeans are a must. Any comfortable legging type jean would be perfect, but here's an option because I love me some Levi's:

Levi's Leggings in Indigo Rinse

and on top... I think it's important to wear layers or something breathable because you may be going from outside to inside if you're doing some shopping, so you want to be able to "take off" or "put on" depending on the temperature.  These next few pieces are examples of items that I'm sure you could find in your closet or at your favorite store... these are the few comfortable pieces that I love because they still have a classy and stylish feel:

Speckled Linen Mix Kimono Open Cardigan from Top Shop
This open cardigan is big and cozy, but yet cheek because of the speckled color and light weight linen.  I want to order one right now... but we'll see if it's still up after the holidays :)

OR THIS ONE if you like thicker sweaters:

Hindsight Cardigan from Anthropologie

Pair your open cardigan with a simple, yet a little dressy black tank.

Full Circle Silk Chiffon top via Asos

Bugle Beaded Top from Forever 21

Another look for on top would be...

Merino Beaded Boyfriend Sweatshirt from JCrew
I love this sweater!  I have it in 2 colors! :) It just looks great with skinny jeans, boots, and a cute bracelet or watch... so simple, somewhat masculine, and cheek.

A final look on top is a creative/easy option and one that I wear often:

Your Husbands Flannel:
I think wearing a flannel shirt out of your man's closet is one of the most comfortable yet charming outfits.  Here is a pic of me wearing Casper's flannel... and no that is not my child, it is my beloved little nephew Corban almost one year ago today!  (tomorrow is his official birthday!)

As for outerwear since you may be running around outside... here is my choice for winter warmth:

Winter Metropolis Parka from North Face

and this Yellow Infinity Scarf from Etsy

with this Hat from Anthropologie

and finally these gloves that I just picked up from JCrew gloves:

Stay tuned for my CHRISTMAS DECOR POST tomorrow!  Yay for Christmas!

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  1. Ok , so what if your husband is like 5 sizes bigger than you? Love love love your taste- wish I looked as cute in skinny jeans!