Thursday, January 27, 2011

.seven days of casper: day three.

Casper happens to be the most romantic man i know.  Honestly every birthday, anniversary, special event, or just normal day Casper continues to blow me away with his ability to romance me and sweep me off my feet.  SO, I am really really trying to up the ante and get my sweet hubby to swoon a little bit over my attempt to make this birthday really special.  

Yesterday while he was at work, I decided to make him his favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate Supreme brownies!  This is kind of a big deal for me since I'm a horrible baker and normally burn everything... AND, since I'm a health nut who doesn't love having sweets all over the house.  But, he's worth it and deserves some indulgence, so I timed it that they would be hot out of the oven as he walked in the door.  Immediately when he got in the house, he said, "I know that smell!! Where are the brownies?"  What a chocoholic nut case! I love him! So, I had candles for him to blow out (4 candles; one for every birthday we've celebrated together), and then he had warm brownies with Neapolitan ice cream!  YUM!  
Here's my little sweetie enjoying his pre-dinner dessert!  He even said that they were the best brownies ever!  And since he's pretty picky about his desserts, I was very proud of myself!  
I even indulged as well and made myself a little brownie sundae.  Unfortunately, I went to turbo kick right after this, so it was pretty painful to do intense cardio after my sweet treat... but boy it was oh so tasty! 
I wonder what we'll do today to continue the celebration... Casper will have to wait and see! :)

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