Wednesday, January 26, 2011

.seven days of casper: day two.

To continue the celebration of my wonderful hubsters... I thought we could look back on birthdays in years past and how we've celebrated together! Hopefully this will remind Casper of how much I love him, and how blessed we are to have all these amazing memories together.
This year will be the 4th birthday Casper and I will celebrate together, so here's a little stroll down memory lane of how we spend January 31st ...

 In 2008, Casper actually moved here to Marion, into our lovely current home on his birthday!  We had purchased the house the week prior, but he had to work at his job in Traverse City till the 30th.  So talk about a pretty monumental birthday... new house, new city (well, relatively new since he went to college here), and no more long distance relationship!!  Since we had just purchased a home, AND I was a poor college student, I'm pretty sure I colored Casper a picture for our refrigerator (that stayed up until about 6 months ago), and made him a homemade card.  It was celebration enough for us to live in the same city for the first time since we started dating... oh and we had our first house! :)

Our second year of celebrating was during our first year of being married... and since the first birthday was a bit low key due to money... I thought I would bust out the big guns and pull off a huge surprise.  First, I invited Casper's parents down to surprise him for the weekend.  We went out to dinner and they were at the table waiting for us!  That was the first of many surprises over the course of the weekend... what Casper didn't know was that I'd been saving up for, and researching a new flat screen TV.  Our TV  broke right when we moved in, so we had been borrowing one for awhile, and he was always talking about wanting a new one.  So with the help of our friends and family (I got everyone to pitch in a little bit to help out with the TV rather than getting him other gifts, and Chris helped me pick out the TV), I went and bought us a 40 inch 1080p LCD Samsung Flat Screen!

Casper went to a movie with his dad (part of what he thought was his present), and him mom and I stayed back at the house getting together a table full of sweet treats, including a fondue pot full of chocolate for my chocoholic husband. Meanwhile, Chris was setting up the TV for me in the living room.  Then all our friends gathered, and Casper walked into not only a brand new TV but a surprise party just for him!  It was such a fun year!

Then last year, his birthday was again low key... we had a bunch of people over and had a very casual party (much more Casper's style than the surprise party the previous year, although he loved both).  BUT, just 2 days after Casper's birthday he got the ultimate present (as did I), because we left for COSTA RICA!  It was dreamy!

 So, what will we have in store this year??  my sweets will have to wait to find out!! I love you Caspy!

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